Video: Gluten sensitivity may exist mostly in the mind

A gluten-free diet is a cornerstone of managing the very real and serious autoimmune condition of coeliac disease. But the

Video: Healthy habits need a nudge

Applying the principle of small subtle changes in the food environment to ‘nudge’ people to healthier food choices has been

Childhood obesity

If you are worried that your child may be above a healthy weight, you’re not alone. In Australia, more than

Video: Losing weight helps your partner shed too

Video transcript Couples who have been together for some time are known to have a degree of mirroring in their

Video: Australians are eating too much salt

Video transcript Salt is part of a healthy diet – we need it to regulate blood pressure and the body’s

Organic food: is it healthier?

The organic food industry is big business. Fuelled by consumer demand resulting from health, environmental and ethical concerns, it’s no

Video: Kids’ snacking tastes could be genetic

Video transcript Snacking is a big part of being a kid today and research supports that kids are snacking more

Video: Vegetarian eating in adolescence linked to good bone health

Adolescence is an important time in laying the foundation for healthy bones that can protect a person from later-life osteoporosis

Video: The cost of obesity in life and death

Video transcript Obesity is among the top risk factors for ill-health in Australia & can lead to diabetes, heart attack, stroke and

Healthy choices better than trying to eat less

There has been a trend over recent decades for food to be served in larger portion sizes. This portion growth

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