breast cancer

Digital Support For Women With Breast Cancer

A review of the evidence has found that digital support for women with breast cancer can improve quality of life

Is breast cancer common in young women?

Young women and breast cancer is an important topic. And I think the most important thing to remember about it,

I feel a lump in my breast – what do I do? Dr Michael Boyer

If you have a lump in your breast, you really need to actually see a doctor and typically not just

It Saves Lives – BreastScreen


How is breast cancer diagnosed in young women?

Mammography is a test that is used very widely to diagnose breast cancer. In young women, the breast tissue is

Can obesity or diabetes increase my risk of cancer?

Obesity and diabetes are both metabolic diseases. They both change the metabolism within our body. They cause hormonal changes. They

Cancer and COVID-19

Cancer Council understands that Australians undergoing cancer treatment, cancer survivors and their families and friends may have questions in relation

Cooling caps: a helping hand for hair loss

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy because it attacks rapidly growing cells in the body not just

Should women control their own mammogram?

The mammogram is a vital means of screening for breast cancer – yet many women report how unpleasant the experience

Can you exercise away the effects of sedentary behaviour?

In an increasingly busy world, sedentary behaviour – that is sitting for prolonged periods of time – has become more

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