Encephalopathy Linked to Repetitive Head Injury

The Australian Sports Brain Bank (ASBB) researches chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – a type of brain injury caused by repetitive

Tips to boost your brain health

Every three seconds, there is one new case of dementia worldwide. Dementia affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform

What does your walk say about your health?

How fast an older person walks – their ‘gait speed’ – has been used as a proxy for health for

Are there long-lasting cognitive effects from COVID-19?

Video transcript Dr Norman Swan With the large numbers of people who’ve been infected now, China, or in Italy, Spain,

Exercise is the drug you need for your brain

There have been many studies linking exercise with benefits for the brain but no-one’s been too sure about whether that’s

Training the brain to eat less sugar

Computer-based ‘brain training’ programs are all the rage at the moment. Now that same technology has been applied to nutrition

Can you reduce the age of your brain?

We know that the health of your brain and your body are linked – people who exercise more and eat

Can you prevent dementia?

There are over 400,000 Australians living with dementia and this number is estimated to grow to over half a million

Smoking but a distant memory

Quitting smoking is challenging for many. Cigarettes are highly addictive and smoking becomes an engrained habit all too quickly. Learning

Can blueberries boost the brain?

With older age come a greater number of health issues including dementia. There is no certain way to prevent dementia

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