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Long Term Physical Effects of Diabetes – Dr. Norman Swan

It is essential to regularly consult with your doctor, have blood test’s and embrace a more healthy lifestyle to put

How Do You Stop A Nose Bleed? Dr. Norman Swan

If your nose nose bleed is not stopping, you need to get seen fairly urgently so that it can be

Low blood pressure: What are the causes

Most people who have low blood pressure have it because of the way they’re made up or their genes or

Nuts that reduce high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and strokes. A healthy diet is an important part

Mental health issues and the body

People who have persistent mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder and psychotic illnesses have – on average –

A hearty reason to kick the booze

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a major risk factor for heart attacks, kidney damage and stroke. In 2014 –

Eating blueberries to lower blood pressure

Blue is the new black when it comes to studying the health benefits of fruits like blueberries. More precisely, a

Could yoga be prescribed as a treatment for hypertension?

The benefits of yoga are nothing new. An ancient practice and philosophy originating in India, yoga has been shown to

Redefining high blood pressure – will that help?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a chronic condition that affects millions of Australians. It usually doesn’t produce symptoms, so

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