Is Age Just a Number When Choosing When to Have a Child?

Over the past decades the definition and face of parenthood has changed. Nowadays the average age of becoming first time

Newborn baby’s senses

While some senses are more developed than others, babies can see, hear, smell, taste and feel from birth. Find out

Low-birthweight babies

Babies are considered of low birthweight if they weigh less than 2500 g at birth. Some low birthweight babies are

Preterm labour

What is preterm labour? Going into labour before your 37th week of pregnancy is called preterm labour, or premature labour.

Why are some babies harder to settle and sleep?

Many new mothers will have difficulty settling their newborn to sleep, but for some the problems become so severe that

Is my newborn safe?

Transcript If you’ve got a newborn, the evidence is that you don’t need to be worried at all really. So,

When should you introduce a baby to solids?

In the UK and in Australia, the guidelines suggest that babies should be breastfed (where possible) for six months, to

Can stroking a baby help it feel less pain?

Touch is the first of a newborn baby’s senses to mature – even ahead of hearing and sight. It’s one

A gut feeling about eczema

Eczema is a common disorder characterised by chronic inflammation of the skin. It commonly starts during infancy and can persist

Can eating eggs help an egg allergy?

Hen egg allergy is one of the commonest forms of food allergy. The majority of significant egg allergy reactions occur

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