alzheimer’s disease

A New Medication for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Aducanumab is a medication designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease developed by Biogen. It’s a monoclonal antibody designed to remove amyloid

The challenge of treating Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have had a pretty unsuccessful time of it trying to find a treatment for the commonest form of dementia,

Why is lack of sleep linked to dementia?

The link between sleep and dementia is two-way. And getting cause and effect is really hard to do. Because when

Dementia – Aboriginal health

Dementia is a condition that affects a person’s brain. It changes how they think and act, and affects their ability

What you eat affects Alzheimer’s disease risk

Globally more than 42 million people have dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common form of dementia. Diet plays

Video: Avoiding dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia is a chronic illness which affects the brain. More than 400,000 Australians suffer from dementia. It’s the second commonest

Video: Parkinson’s disease awareness

Video transcript Dr. Norman Swan: Most of us take shopping, a walk in the park, doing household chores, and even

Which exercise is best for older obese people?

Overweight and obesity rates continue to rise. Obesity increases age-related decline in health and physical function, and contributes to frailty.

Depression in older people

Older people may be particularly prone to depression because of the increased likelihood that they will be experiencing stressful life

Video: What can be done to prevent falls?

Video transcript Are you, or do you have a relative, aged over 65? Alarmingly one in 3 people over 65

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