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Urinary Issues in Men

Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BHP, can cause men to go to the toilet a lot and suffer from weak interrupted

Avascular Necrosis

Avascular necrosis is when bone breaks down because of a lack of blood supply, treatments include surgery and medication. Avascular

What happens If I have Osteoporosis? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Osteoporosis puts you at risk of fractures, particularly in women over the age of 50.  If you’ve done a lot

How Do I Make A Return To Sport? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Whether you are returning after injury or a prolonged hiatus, it is important to build up your strength and fitness

What is Degenerative Arthritis? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Degenerative arthritis is really osteoarthritis. It’s a form of joint disease where you have wear and tear that accumulates as

Tips to boost your brain health

Every three seconds, there is one new case of dementia worldwide. Dementia affects thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform

Older Person’s COVID Support Line – Aged care advocates

Video transcript Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist They can help you in understanding your rights and getting additional supports

Video: Protecting older people during COVID-19

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist People are always wanting to know how can I protect my elderly parents or

Diabetes in older people

Diabetes in older people Diabetes (also called diabetes mellitus) is a chronic (ongoing) condition characterised by high blood glucose (blood

Aged care home changes during COVID-19

Video transcript Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist Hello, I’m Norman Swan and I’m here to chat to you about

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