When to see a podiatrist

Do you think you may need to see a podiatrist? Learn more about the role of podiatrists in foot health – and how this can benefit your general overall health.

Diabetes and getting pregnant

How will having diabetes affect your pregnancy and your baby? And what planning do you need to do first?

Heel pain – plantar fasciitis

Heel pain is most commonly caused by plantar fasciitis, a chronic overuse injury of the thick band of tissue on the sole of the foot, known as the plantar fascia.

Diabetes in older people

Type 2 diabetes risk increases with age. One of the reasons for this is increasing insulin resistance with age.

Foot pain – top 10 causes

Foot pain may be in the arch of the foot, along the outer side of the foot, on the sole or in the ball of your foot, or in the toes, heels or ankles.

Leg ache – causes and symptoms

Leg ache or leg pain is a symptom with many possible causes, that may involve muscles, nerves or blood vessels.

Foot care

Common foot care problems include fungal foot infections, e.g. athlete's foot and fungal nail infections, and warts, corns and calluses. Find out what products are available for foot care.

Chemists` Own Amer-Fine Nail Lacquer

Chemists` Own Amer-Fine Nail Lacquer

Chemists` Own Amer-Fine Nail Lacquer

Sports injury prevention

Sports injury prevention

Look at your exercise program in terms of FIT – Frequency, Intensity and Time. Only one of these should be increased each week.

Neuropathy in diabetes

Neuropathy in diabetes (also called diabetic nerve damage or diabetic neuropathy) is temporary or permanent damage to nerve tissue in people with diabetes mellitus. Symptoms depend on which nerves are affected.

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