The importance of continuing to deliver “normal” GP practice services in the months ahead

COVID-19 has had and continues to have a big impact on conventional general practice service delivery.   The vaccine rollout is placing another layer of stress and disruption to the return to “normal” services and the risk is that some patients could be underserviced during the coming months.  Currently, all practices need to be considering how […]

Pramipexole XR GP Modified release tablets

Pramipexole XR GP Modified release tablets

Pramipexole XR GP Modified release tablets

Circumcision by Australian GPs not cutting it

Circumcisions carried out by GPs in Australia are not following best practice (dorsal penile nerve block plus topic anaesthetic) and anaesthesia is not adequate to ensure avoidance of pain.

To be or not to be vaccinated: expert advice for practices on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

With up to 30% of Australians indicating that they won’t be getting the COVID-19 vaccination, what can we do to address vaccine hesitancy?

Vegetarian Mousaka

Vegetarian Moussaka

This is a great twist on a moussaka. Tasty lentils and mushrooms, layered with eggplant, ensures a hearty and healthy meal. 

Who can help if we’re not getting pregnant?

If you’re struggling to conceive, it may give you some hope to know that Australians have good access to fertility advice.

We need to talk about infertility

It’s time to ditch the stigma on something that affects one in six couples. At a glance: 15 per cent of couples have difficulty conceiving, with most cases able to be helped by some form of fertility treatment like simple investigation, ovulation induction or more complex fertility treatments Infertility can be caused by a range of issues, […]


Does Smallpox Still Exist and What is It? Dr. Norman Swan

Dr. Norman Swan explains the origins and history of smallpox, it’s effects and more importantly how the successful vaccination was invented. It is the only infection to have been largely eliminated around the world.

coronavirus vaccines

What’s the latest information about the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Australia currently has two approved vaccines for use, however, there has been a recent change to which vaccine most people under 50 will receive.

mental health

Mental Health Professionals. Who can help?

In this brief video Dr. Matthew Cullen discusses the various types of mental health professionals available for the community.

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