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Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease is a long-term inflammatory condition that affects the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms include diarrhoea and cramping abdominal pain.

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Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic (long-term) disease that affects the central nervous system. In MS, the protective sheath (known as myelin) that surrounds the nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord becomes damaged. ... What are the symptoms of multiple sclerosis?

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Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease that’s caused by infection with a virus. Most children with chickenpox develop an itchy rash that lasts for about 10 days.

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Symptoms of pneumonia usually depend on the cause, but common symptoms include cough, chest pain, fever and breathlessness. Young people usually recover quickly, but many people feel tired for several weeks afterwards.

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Video: Bowel cancer - Anton Enus

My first reaction was, I didn’t really believe that. I thought maybe I’m dreaming this, maybe I didn’t hear properly, I’m a bit sort of under anaesthesia and I wasn’t quite understanding what the ENT guy was saying, and then it took a while to sink in.

Bowel cancer