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Italian Mussels & Salmon in Red Sauce

  • Author: Healthy Living


A wonderful seafood dish that can be served with bread, pasta or cous cous.



250gram Salmon

8 Mussels

1/2 Onion – chopped

1bunch Thyme- chopped

1 Lemon – juiced

1 Birds-eye chilli – chopped

4 Garlic Cloves – smashed

1/2 Capsicum – diced

1 Canned Diced Tomatoes

Handful of basil leaves (chopped)


  1. Preheat pan then drizzle Olive oil.
  2. Add in garlic with skin on & chopped chili, stir and toss in thyme
  3. Place salmon with skin down first watch it plum then pick up and place garlic and chili onto of the salmon as it cooks
  4. Toss in sliced Spanish onion
  5. Add capsicum red
  6. Turn over the salmon and place the garlic and onion capsicum on top of the piece of salmon
  7. Pour on top the diced tomatoes then add in mussels allow to simmer
  8. Add in the zest of the lemon on top of the salmon then juice the lemon to serve
  9. Add chopped basil to garnish
  10. Best served with pasta or crusty bead
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Home made
  • Cuisine: Seafood

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