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Braised Moroccan Lamb Rump with CousCous & Mint Yogurt

  • Author: Chef Daniel


A mouth watering Moroccan dish to impress your family and guests or just spoil yourself with. 



1 Moroccan spice mix

4 Lamb Rump

1 Spanish Onion – cut into wedges

12 Whole Cherry Tomatoes

4 Table Spoon Moroccan Spice Mix

6 Chat Potatoes – cut into cubes

2 Lemon – cut into wedges

4 Garlic Cloves – crushed

1 Red Capsicum – peeled and stripped

3 Ripped Tomatoes – grated

1 can Cooked Chickpeas – drained and washed

10 Mint leaves – finely chopped

1 Cup Labini Yoghurt (or similar)

250 grams CousCous

1 splash Olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven on the roast function at 180 degrees C or steam oven at 40% steam 180c oven.
  2. Season the lamb rumps with Moroccan spice heat frying pan on induction level 8 till hot, touch of olive oil seal lamb on all side and place in to deep baking dish
  3. Add into baking dish chickpeas Spanish onion chat potatoes lemon garlic capsicum grated tomatoes and the rest of the Moroccan spice cook in the oven with a cover for 30 min
  4. Mix yogurt and mint together leave in the fridge
  5. Take cover of the lamb place in cherry tomatoes and leave in for a further 7 mins
  6. Place cous cous in a stainless steel bowl add boiling water until cous cous is just cover wrap with glad wrap
  7. To serve slice lamb on the plate the vegetables over the top and serve with a tower of cous cous on the side
  • Cuisine: Dinner

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