How Can I Manage My Pain As I Return To Work?

The inability to work is one of the big costs that comes, particularly, with chronic back pain and with many

What Role Does Meditation And Relaxation Play In Pain Management?

There’s a lot of talk about meditation, mindfulness and other therapies like that in improving health, and chronic pain is

What Types of Foods Can Help With Pain Management?

So, if you had a particular chronic pain problem, you might start with interesting foods that have been shown to

How do I assist my growing teenager with their growing pains?

So for teenagers, it’s really common to have growing pains or pain associated with sport and you want to help

What Are The Goals For Pain Australia As An Organisation?

There’s an enormous financial cost to pain in Australia. A recent report estimated about a $139 billion cost. This is

What is Involved in Self Managing my Pain?

A big part of the emphasis in managing chronic pain is empowering the person with chronic pain to take charge

Pain Management and Addictions – Medication Safety

One of the focus points of chronic pain clinics and one of the focus points for education of health professionals

How Can I Access Pain Management Services?

If you’ve got pain that’s been going on for long time, chances are that you’ve seen a few doctors by

What is Degenerative Arthritis?

Degenerative arthritis is really osteoarthritis. It’s a form of joint disease where you have wear and tear that accumulates as

What Are Some Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is almost so common that it’s part of human existence. Most people will have lower back pain

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