Can More Than One Embryo Be Implanted? Dr. Katrina Rowan

It’s a decision between a patient and their doctor, but almost all doctors would be strongly recommend a single embryo transfer because of the risks of multiple pregnancy and because freezing embryos is so safe and successful that if you have two embryos destined to become babies, it’s much safer for the mum and the baby to have those embryos in two separate pregnancies. In Australia we’re lucky to have Medicare support for IVF treatment, which keeps IVF costs manageable for patients. In other countries where there isn’t such financial support for patient, there is pressure for multiple embryos to be inserted, whereas in Australia, we’re very proud to be able to offer a very safe track record for IVF by keeping the multiple pregnancy rates low.

Dr Katrina Rowan is a fertility specialist, reproductive endocrinologist and reproductive surgeon with consulting rooms in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Katrina prides herself in her ability to guide and educate her patients. With her support, patients feel comfortable and deepen their understanding of their own unique fertility situation.


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