Video: Surf therapy can help depression and PTSD

It’s a beautiful morning. A group of people meet on the beach to see the sun rising.

They sit in a circle and talk then grab their surfboards and head out into the breakers – This is surf therapy.

It combines cognitive behavior therapy with physical activity and the challenge of surfing.

Recent studies have found that surf therapy therapy can help to reduce symptoms of depression and PTSD.

The combination of mental and physical therapy is a powerful tool:

  • Physical activity can reduce stress
  • Physical activity can reduce anxiety
  • Physical activity can reduce symptoms related to insomnia
  • Surf therapy improves self efficacy and provides a sense of achievement
  • Surf therapy can remove barriers to traditional therapy
  • It reduces the stigma against mental illness
  • It can reduce social isolation
  • It can increase confidence and build camaraderie

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Author: myDr


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