Sodium Bicarbonate Injection (Solution for injection)

Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET

Consumer Medicine Information

You may have been given this product in an emergency situation by a non-medical health professional.


This leaflet contains information about Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET. Please read it carefully and keep it for future reference. The information in this leaflet is only a summary and is not intended to replace advice from your doctor.

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any comments or questions.

WHAT IS Sodium Bicarbonate Injection?

Sodium bicarbonate is a simple chemical which is used in medicine to counteract situations when the blood contains too much acid.

WHEN IS Sodium Bicarbonate Injection USED?

If the heart stops beating after a heart attack, no oxygen will be carried round the body as the blood stops circulating. When this happens, acid tends to accumulate throughout the body and if the patient is given first aid and the heart starts pumping again, the acid may poison the body. Sodium bicarbonate is injected directly into the blood to correct this acidity.

As sodium bicarbonate is only used in medical emergencies, the injection may be given by paramedical personnel such as ambulance or nursing staff.

WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE Sodium Bicarbonate Injections?

Sodium bicarbonate should not be given to people:

  • with high blood pressure
  • with severe kidney disease
  • with heart failure
  • with kidney stones
  • with some special chemical abnormalities in their blood

As Sodium Bicarbonate Injection is an emergency life-saving product it should not be withheld from anyone who needs it.

BEFORE YOU HAVE A Sodium Bicarbonate Injection

If you require a Sodium Bicarbonate Injection you will almost certainly be unconscious. You will therefore not be able to help your doctor by telling him details of your illness.


As with any medicine, some side effects may occur.

Patients who need sodium bicarbonate in this way are extremely ill and likely to die. The most unpleasant effects are more likely to be due to the condition rather than the treatment. Side effects from Sodium Bicarbonate Injections are very uncommon unless an overdose is given (see OVERDOSE). Occasionally the area around the vein where the injection is given may become inflamed and an ulcer may form.

Always tell your doctor if you have any unpleasant effects after receiving Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET.


The dose of sodium bicarbonate will vary depending on the acidity of the blood. Enough is injected to correct this acidity.


Overdosage with sodium bicarbonate can cause overbreathing, shortness of breath, brain damage, mood changes, irritability, tiredness, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, muscle stiffness or twitches and fits. The treatment is to stop the injection of sodium bicarbonate and inject other products which will counter the effects which have been produced.

Contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26 for further advice on overdose management.

WHAT DOES Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET CONTAIN?

Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET contains sodium bicarbonate at a concentration of 4.2 g sodium bicarbonate in 50 mL of water. Australian Registration number is AUST R 29057. There are no additives.

HOW TO STORE Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET?

Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET should be protected from light and stored below 25°C (room temperature). It should not be used after the expiry date on the package.


You can get more information from your doctor or pharmacist.

Sodium Bicarbonate Injection MIN-I-JET is manufactured by:

International Medication Systems Ltd

1886 Santa Anita Avenue,
South El Monte 91733,
California USA

and distributed by:

CSL Limited,
ABN. 99 051 588 348
45 Poplar Road,
Parkville 3052,
Victoria Australia

Date of Information: April 1996

Date of Amendment: June 2006

Published by MIMS November 2006


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