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Nozoil® Nasal Drops and Nasal Spray

Sesamum indicum seed oil (sesame seed oil), antioxidant unipherol U-14 (600 ppm); hydroxybenzoate

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What is Nozoil®

Nozoil® is an oil made from cold pressed Sesame seed oil and a natural preservative called Unipherol-14 (which also contains hydroxybenzoate). Nozoil® contains all three naturally occurring forms of Vitamin E (that is alpha, gamma and beta forms) This product has a high concentration of the antioxidant Vitamin E.

How does Nozoil® work?

Vitamin E has been shown in the laboratory to minimize the effects of inflammation on nasal tissue. Since these harmful effects are reduced, the tissue is then protected from breakdown. This means that the symptoms of dryness, crusting and even in some cases bleeding, are avoided.

If nasal tissue has already been subjected to the effects of inflammation, then Vitamin E will heal the tissue by preventing further inflammation and giving the body a chance to heal the damaged tissues.

Nozoil® can therefore be considered both a healer and a preventer of nasal tissue damage.

When should you use Nozoil®

Nozoil® should be used whenever you experience dryness or crusting of your nose. There may occasionally be a nose bleed associated with the dryness and crusting. If the bleeding does not respond to application of Nozoil® over two days, or is severe, then medical attention must be sought.

Your doctor may advise the use of Nozoil® after surgery to the nose. This will be to moisturize those tissues while they heal.

There are other occasions on which you may wish to use Nozoil® and they may be listed as follows:

Nasal dryness and crusting associated with medication:

  • When using medications such as nasal steroid sprays for hayfever or other sinus/nasal conditions.
  • Some acne treatments can cause dryness and crusting of the nasal tissues

Colds and Flu

  • After colds and flu the nasal tissues can become dry and crusty

Low humidity environments

  • Working in low humidity environments such as those found in airconditioned offices can result in nasal dryness and crusting

Long overseas journeys

  • Cabin air in aircraft has a very low humidity and use of Nozoil® will condition the nose and make you much more comfortable

Use of nasal CPAP and Oxygen therapy

  • If high flow rates of air or oxygen are applied to the nose over a period of time then the tissues become inflamed and dryness, crusting and stuffiness are experienced. Nozoil® has been shown in clinical trials to alleviate these symptoms and improve the comfort of therapy

Radiation therapy for head and neck cancers

  • This treatment results in the accumulation of mucus in the nose and sinuses and as it dries the mucus becomes very crusty. Clinical study has shown that use of Nozoil® alleviates these symptoms after a few days and relief is experienced while the oil is being used. If for some reason treatment of Nozoil® is stopped, then the symptoms will recur.

Nasal dryness /crusting or dripping in old age

  • In older people there are age changes to the lining of the nose and the cartilages in the nose. These changes result in the nose becoming either dry and crusty or very wet and dripping. These symptoms can be relieved with the use of Nozoil®.

What side effects can be expected?

There have been relatively few side effects reported with the use of Nozoil®, and they are considered to be minor, ranging from itching to a feeling of nasal blockage.

Allergy to Sesame seed has been reported. If you have a history of allergy to Sesame seed it is advisable not to use this product before consulting your healthcare professional. Nozoil® is a pharmaceutical grade oil and as such is very highly refined. Allergy tends to occur to the husks of the seed.

Can Nozoil® be used in pregnancy and breast feeding?

Nozoil® can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding

Are there any precautions when using Nozoil®?

Nozoil® should be used with care if you have had surgery to your sinuses or to the duct which drains your tears into the nose. During this surgery it is possible for the duct to have been made wide enough for oil to ascend into the eye. Check with your surgeon before using this product.

It is best not to use Nozoil® last thing at night before retiring to bed. Try and ensure that there is at least one hour between your dose of Nozoil® and when you lie down for the night.

How to administer Nozoil®

Nozoil® comes in two dose forms, a nasal spray and a nasal drop. You will be able to choose which mode of therapy best suits you.

Nasal Spray administration – Hold the bottle upright. Do not remove the protective cap on the nozzle. Now prime the pump until one squirt of oil is seen .It may be that 9-12 priming actions are required until oil is noticed.

Uncover the top of the spray nozzle and tilt your head slightly backwards and then place the tip of the nozzle into one nostril. Angle the nozzle tip backwards and then depress the pump and insert one or two squirts of Nozoil® into the nose. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril. Then gently pinch both nostrils together between your thumb and forefinger. Hold for a minute and then straighten your head to the upright position. You may wipe off any excess oil on a tissue. There is no need to sniff, as the oil will be carried up into the nasal tissues by the natural action of the nasal lining.

Nasal drop administration – Remove the outer cap and tilt your head slightly backwards. Turn the Nozoil® bottle upside down and place the nozzle tip into one nostril. Gently squeeze the bottle until one or two drops of the oil have been inserted. Now repeat this procedure for the other nostril. After removing the nozzle gently squeeze both nostrils together between your thumb and forefinger. Wipe away any excess oil. There is no need to sniff as the oil will get carried up into the nose naturally.

How often do I need to use Nozoil®?

Nozoil® can be used as often as required but usually two doses per day are sufficient.

Can Nozoil® be used in children?

Nozoil® can be used in children under 12 years of age.

Insert only one spray or one drop each time it is used.

What dose of Nozoil® should be used?

Nozoil® may be used as often as required to relieve symptoms of nasal dryness and crusting.

Adults – Insert one or two drops or one or two sprays depending on which application device is being used.

Children under 12 years of age – Insert either one drop or one spray as often as required.

How is Nozoil® sold?

Nozoil® comes in either a 15mL dropper bottle with the registration number AUST L 93718 and as a 15mL spray bottle with the registration number AUST L125247

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