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What TheraTears is used for

TheraTears is used in dry eye treatment and is available in drops for day time use and gel for night time use. TheraTears is unique due to the patented electrolyte balance that matches the human tear film which restores the conjunctival goblet cells, thus promoting the healing of dry eye.

Advanced Vision Research scientists were able to patent the electrolyte balance of the human tear film and TheraTears matches this, thus promoting the healing of dry eye. There are clinical studies that show TheraTears provides cumulative long lasting dry eye relief that really works.

People using TheraTears will immediately feel the lubricated soothing effect.


Clinical studies have found that TheraTears helps restore conjunctival goblet cells in patients with post-LASIK dry eye.

How to Use TheraTears

We recommend the following dosage for patients with dry eye: -


1st Month
Drops: 1 Minim over both eyes (empty minim over a 5 minute period) 4 times daily for the first month.
Gel: (For patients with severe dry eye) 2 to 4 drops over both eyes, just before going to sleep.

2nd Month
Drops: 1 Minim over both eyes (empty minim over a 5 minute period) 2 times daily for 2nd month.
Gel: (For patients with severe dry eye) 2 to 4 drops over both eyes, just before going to sleep.

Thereafter, adjust the treatment, i.e. cease, decrease or increase dosage, depending on the reason for the dry eye, or adopt a maintenance dosage of once daily for drops.

Product Description

Eye gel (sterile), 1 mg/mL (1%), 0.6 mL: 28's (single dose units).

Eye drops (sterile), 2.5 mg/mL (0.25%), 0.6 mL: 24's (single dose units).


Carmellose sodium.

Carmellose sodium (sodium carboxymethylcellulose); sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium phosphate, boric acid, borax (sodium borate), sodium bicarbonate, water; preservative free.


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Published by MIMS May 2010

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