Constipation can really hamper your day, and your mood. To best protect yourself drink regular water and have lots of fibre rich foods.

Constipation is something that can really slow you down. Anyone can suffer from it, but it is more common in women and the elderly. Symptoms of constipation can include straining or a slow or incomplete bowel movement.

Digestion involves your small and large intestine. Food nutrients are absorbed in your small intestine which is approximately six metres, or 20 feet long. After this, food waste moves along the length of your large intestine, which is approximately 1.5 metres or five feet long. Water is removed from the food waste during this process. Once the excess water is removed, the waste is temporarily stored in the rectum. If you’re not drinking enough, this can cause the passing of hard or small stools.

In fact, prevention of constipation usually starts with increasing your water intake. In some cases, a doctor may suggest laxative medications. However, eating foods rich in fibre such as fruit, vegetables and wholemeal cereals can help. Regular exercise can also help keep things moving more quickly.


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