Health authorities are concerned there might be multiple undetected cases of measles in Victoria following 3 confirmed cases.

And GPs in Brisbane have also been alerted as one of the cases travelled to the city while infectious.

None of the cases has travelled overseas and no index case has been identified, according to Victoria’s department of human services.

Victoria’s acting chief health officer Dr Finn Romanes has asked GPs and emergency departments to be alert for measles in patients presenting with a fever at rash onset.

One of the cases travelled widely between 21 and 28 June including from Shepparton to Southern Cross Station and from Melbourne airport to Brisbane via Jetstar.

She then caught the Beenleigh train from Brisbane airport and visited the Beaudesert Fair shopping centre.

Other areas where there is a potential spread of infection from the identified cases include Geelong, the Surf Coast, western and northwestern suburbs of Melbourne and the inner city.

Last Reviewed: 04/07/2016

Reproduced with kind permission from Medical Observer.