What Are Some of the Issues with Side Effects from the Covid-19 vaccine?

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It took Australian authorities a couple of weeks to clarify what the risk benefit analysis was because of our low numbers of Covid-19 patients. So we had to largely wait for overseas statistics.

With any issue with covid-19 vaccine side effects, there’s always an evolving story to work out what is, in fact, the real risk here. And it took Australian authorities a couple of weeks just to clarify what their position was, where the risk benefit analysis lay.

Because, in fact, we are different from overseas, where we don’t have any COVID-19 here, so the risk is all with the vaccine. So where does the balance lie? And it took them a while to calculate that position. Britain said, “30”, because they’ve got a lot of COVID around. We don’t. So we’ve raised it to 50. And it’s true that that was after a 44-year-old man presented with blood clots at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne.

But nonetheless, we’d have come to that conclusion anyway.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist


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