What is laryngeal cancer?

The larynx is another word for the voice box. It’s how we speak. And laryngeal cancer refers to cancers of

What is nose cancer?

Nose cancer doesn’t really exist. Your nose is on your face and there’s cancers of the outside of the nose,

What is Thyroid Cancer?

The thyroid gland is an important gland. It’s in the neck, the base of the neck, and it controls our

What if I have cancer and I’m losing weight?

If you have cancer and you’re losing weight, one of the important things to do is to really understand why,

Brain cancer

Brain cancer, fortunately, is not a particularly common disease. What are the symptoms of brain cancer? It often comes to

What if a friend is suicidal?

Concern about suicidality is very high in our community at the moment, not just during COVID, but as many of

What is nasopharyngeal cancer?

The nasopharynx is a part of the body that is behind your nose and at the top of the throat.

How is breast cancer diagnosed in young women?

Mammography is a test that is used very widely to diagnose breast cancer. In young women, the breast tissue is

What problems does angina cause?

So angina causes two kinds of problem. One is symptoms that stop people exercising, which can be disabling for people

Is there an epidemic of throat cancer in men?

Throat cancer is a disease that very traditionally has been associated with smoking and drinking. But fortunately, the rate of

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