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What is a PET Scan? Q & A with Dr. Norman Swan

A PET scan is a very advanced scan usually of the brain but also of other parts of the body,

How Do You Treat an Inguinal Hernia? Dr. Norman Swan

Inguinal hernia is treated through surgery by tightening up the muscles and the organs that are protruding, sometimes mesh is

What Happens if a Hernia is Left Untreated?

A lot of people have hernias and don’t come to any problem, don’t have any problems with it and only

Does Smallpox Still Exist and What is It? Dr. Norman Swan

Smallpox is the only infection which has been eradicated in most of the first wold counties, including Australia. Smallpox is

What are the tests for heart disease?

So, there are many tests for heart disease, and it’s a question of horses for courses, the right test for

Exercise stress tests

What is exercise stress testing? Exercise stress testing is a procedure used by doctors to measure the performance and capacity

Newborn bloodspot screening

Newborn screening tests are part of a worldwide practice to detect rare but serious health problems (genetic or metabolic disorders)

When should I get a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopies really should be done in people who have abnormal faecal occult blood testing, in those people where there’s a

What is the difference between screening and targeting?

Identifying Cancers There are 2 different ways we identify cancers. One way is by what we call population screening. That

What are the ways to screen for bowel cancer?

So the screening for bowel cancer is also a fairly complex area. In Australia, we have a national programme of

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