Nonallergic Rhinitis: causes and treatment

What is Nonallergic Rhinitis? Nonallergic rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal passages. There are many causes of a runny nose

If a Hotel Quarantine Staff Member Contracts the Virus, Are they Likely to Spread it to their Housemates?

Although the home is often the highest risk of catching and spreading the virus it can occur anywhere an infected

Is tiredness a symptom of cancer? Dr Michael Boyer

Tiredness is one of those symptoms that can be a sign of almost anything, including cancer, but mostly people who

I feel a lump in my breast – what do I do? Dr Michael Boyer

If you have a lump in your breast, you really need to actually see a doctor and typically not just

What does a heart blockage feel like?

[jwplayer mKuQ22BZ] So, a heart blockage isn’t actually a blockage of the heart, it’s a blockage of the blood vessels

Unexplained weight loss and bruising

Unexplained weight loss is a clear sign that there’s something going on in your body. It can be a sign

What if have cancer and I’m losing weight?

[jwplayer LQsvYmfr ] If you have cancer and you’re losing weight, one of the important things to do is to

What are the symptoms of throat cancer?

The most common way that we find out about a throat cancer in a patient is that they feel a

What are the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer?

Mouth cancer is a subset of a larger group of cancers called head and neck cancers. They occur in the

What Percentage of People are Asymptomatic?

[jwplayer Fg9SsY8Z] It’s not really known what percentage of people are asymptomatic with COVID 19, but it is significant. And

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