Improving Your Sleep – Dr. Norman Swan

Identifying the causes of a broken nights rest or why you aren’t as refreshed and alert in the morning requires

Should I Go to Bed Hungry? Dr. Norman Swan

Going to bed on an empty stomach is fine, as long as you are not diabetic and need to watch

What are Bed Bugs? Dr. Norman Swan

Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of so hygiene and self care is important. Bed bugs are tiny

Harness Your Energy Levels

Leaders and employees who harness their energy are the biggest drivers of success and growth in their industry. Unfortunately in

Is sleep apnea linked to depression and anxiety?

Sleep apnea can be highly debilitating. It occurs when the walls of the throat come together and block your airways

Why is lack of sleep linked to dementia?

The link between sleep and dementia is two-way. And getting cause and effect is really hard to do. Because when

Consistent sleep helps to boost grades

Sleep is thought to play a critical role in memory. The links aren’t fully understood but it’s clear that someone

Does lack of sleep affect your immune system?

There’s a lot of concern about lack of sleep. Now lack of sleep is in the eye of the beholder.

Could cognitive behavioural therapy helps to treat insomnia?

The program emphasises an increase in sleep quality, as opposed to time asleep, and led to significant benefits. Insomnia’s very

How a lack of sleep hurts the heart

If you sleep for fewer than six hours a night, you’re putting yourself at higher risk of having a heart

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