Tofu and Vegetable Curry

Ready for something different? This quick and easy yet tasty vegetarian curry is sure to please the whole family and

Reuben Dip

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Spinach and Basil Pesto with Vegetable Noodles

A brand new take on Pesto Pasta. This low carb dish will satisfy your cravings and it is healthy too.

Vegetarian Quesadilla with Cheese and Lemon

A tasty way to get your daily dose of healthy vegetables, with a Mexican twist. Print clock clock iconcutlery cutlery

Dressed Beets

Beets are still in season, and what better way to eat them than in this simple and elegant salad. Print

Super Smoothie for Pregnancy

Each ingredient in this smoothie has nutrients beneficial during pregnancy.  These are nutrients that not only help your baby grow

Veggie Fritters

A quick and easy option for a meatless meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner! Double the amount for a family

Vegetarian Enchilada

The perfect post workout dinner, this vegetarian enchilada is packed with healthy, nutritious for high protein hit after workout. Print

Mixed Vegetable and Potato Bake

A tasty side. Not just potatoes, this bake includes some other family favourite vegetables.  Print clock clock iconcutlery cutlery iconflag

Apple Scones

A bit of twist on traditional scones, the apple keeping them moist, and the oats giving them a unique texture. 

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