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Type 2 diabetes remission diet also found to reduce high blood pressure

It wasn’t long ago that researchers at the Universities of Glasgow and Newcastle in the UK challenged the convention that

AstraZeneca hesitancy: How experiences at home and overseas can help Australian clinicians have conversations with patients about getting vaccinated

Now that we have had the Delta variant shutting down the lives of 12 million Australians, we desperately need the

8 simple steps to communicate more change to a change fatigued practice team

Many members of the hardworking practice teams across Australia live and work in their local communities. Therefore, these staff members

Practice Connect July 2021

Practice Connect July 2021


When to open: the Australian border debate

Now that Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program is underway, people are asking, “when will the international borders reopen?” and “when will I get to

How are we going to return to life in the ‘new normal’?

In an important message for primary care and general practices, new modelling, from the Burnet Institute, has highlighted the need

To be or not to be vaccinated: expert advice for practices on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

With up to 30% of Australians indicating that they won’t be getting the COVID-19 vaccination, what can we do to

The importance of continuing to deliver “normal” GP practice services in the months ahead

COVID-19 has had and continues to have a big impact on conventional general practice service delivery.   The vaccine rollout is

Practice Connect May

Practice Connect May


6 simple steps to communicate with patients over the coming months

Investing an hour to prepare a simple communications plan will help you to communicate with patients over the coming months.

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