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Keto diet

The keto diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. The lack of carbohydrates forces your body into a metabolic state called


Obesity is the condition of being very overweight and having a lot of body fat. Obesity usually begins in childhood.

Can you reverse fatty liver disease?

There are various causes of a fatty liver. A fatty liver is what it says it is, it’s fat in

Training the brain to eat less sugar

Computer-based ‘brain training’ programs are all the rage at the moment. Now that same technology has been applied to nutrition

Getting back to fresh fruit

With the recent health focus on sugar, poor old fruit has received unwanted attention for the simple reason that it

Will a new baby improve your diet?

In Australia, there are too few fruits and vegetables eaten with only half of adults meeting the recommended two serves

Reducing our diet of ultra-processed foods

Obesity and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes are driving premature deaths in Australia and around the world. A

Sugary drinks increase cancer risk

Sugary drinks and cancer We’re consuming more sugary drinks as the years go by. That’s been of concern because sugary

Is it better to eat standing up or sitting down?

Growing up, kids are told to sit down at the table when they’re eating. Now scientists have given credence to

Why you shouldn’t sleep with the light on

Being exposed to too much artificial light such a television or light on in the bedroom while sleeping ups the

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