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Can you overuse your blue asthma puffer?

The blue puffer – known as a reliever – should only be used when a person with asthma is wheezing

Healthy gums may lead to a healthy heart

More evidence that severe gum disease, or periodontitis, may be linked to high blood pressure. While high blood pressure is

Skin drug may help cancer

One of the unexpected benefits of genetic research is that it sometimes turns up abnormal genes in a disease like

The challenge of treating Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have had a pretty unsuccessful time of it trying to find a treatment for the commonest form of dementia,

Is sleep apnea linked to depression and anxiety?

Sleep apnea can be highly debilitating. It occurs when the walls of the throat come together and block your airways

Consistent sleep helps to boost grades

Sleep is thought to play a critical role in memory. The links aren’t fully understood but it’s clear that someone

The importance of contact lens hygiene

A British woman who swam and showered without removing her contact lenses, caught a bug that damaged her vision permanently.

Surgeon behaviour affects patient outcome

Surgeons who are unprofessional towards their colleagues have patients who experience more complications post-surgery. What pops into your mind when

Mixing multiple medications common in older Australians

Rates of polypharmacy are going up in people over the age of 70, and pose risks to their health if

Researchers analyse trials on Vitamin D and heart health

Numerous observational studies – the type of research where a group of people is observed, but not randomised to different

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