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Does sleeping on your back increase chance of low birth weight?

Have you heard that sleeping on your side during the third trimester of pregnancy is important? Sleeping on your back

Mediterranean diet cuts gestational diabetes risk

A clinical trial of a Mediterranean-style diet during pregnancy shows promise in reducing the risk of excess weight gain and

Good news for walnuts and ulcerative colitis

Walnuts contain a complex array of natural compounds that exhibit a wide range of health benefits. A new study finds

Consequences of weight stigma for men

Weight stigma: what is it anyway? Men who have experienced some level of body weight stigma are more likely to

Give bitter foods a second chance

Despite their health benefits, bitter foods such as broccoli can put people off. New research finds that the taste perception

Can oxygen restore hearing?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy seemed to show a benefit for those who experience sudden hearing loss, but the extent of the

Competition key when it comes to increasing exercise

People who were competing against one another did more exercise and formed better exercise habits than people who worked together.

Does a daily tipple decrease your risk of dementia?

People who have a few drinks a week may have a reduced risk of dementia, compared to those who drank

Happy-go-lucky optimists may have better heart health

Mindset seems to influence health outcomes and if someone’s optimistic, they’re more likely to have a healthy heart. Are you

Why are some babies harder to settle and sleep?

Many new mothers will have difficulty settling their newborn to sleep, but for some the problems become so severe that

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