Freezing Eggs for Medical Reasons – Dr. Jenny Cook

Freezing eggs for medical reasons is something that we absolutely, that I absolutely support. I have a relationship with the

What Happens On The Day of Egg Collection? – Dr. Jenny Cook

On the day of egg collection, I would see you beforehand to talk you through the process, to put your

What Can’t I Do on IVF? Dr. Jenny Cook answers

I really, in answering this question, I want to dispel the myth that suddenly you’ve got a lot of restrictions

What Is IUI? IVF with Dr. Jenny Cook

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination. So what that involves is, there’s two ways that it can be done. One could

What Can I Expect During an Egg Transfer? – Dr. Jenny Cook

The day of the egg transfer is a very brief visit. We would bring you in. It’s really no more

Why Do You Do Work in Fertility Medicine? – Dr. Jenny Cook

Fertility treatment for me is so special. I love it. I love being involved at such an important time in

Who Will Be There On The Day Of My Egg Collection? – Dr. Jenny Cook

The beautiful thing about the CBD Clinic is that everyone who supports you on the day of the egg collection

What Are Some Common Issues That Occur During the IVF Process? – Dr. Jenny Cook

The most common issue that we’re really looking out for during the actual IVF process is a condition called hyperstimulation.

What Is Next Generation Sequencing? – Dr. Jenny Cook

Pre-implantation diagnosis refers to sequencing the genetics of the embryo prior to the transfer. Next generation sequencing is really considered

Do I need to take The Pill prior to Stimming? Dr. Jenny Cook

Not all women need to take the oral contraceptive pill prior to stimming. There would be a group of women

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