Kids’ & Teens’ Health

Does childhood behaviour predict future income?

Logically, it seems there could be a link. Traits of diligence, attention and compliance could mean a child is better

Do unusual eating behaviours point to autism?

The earlier autism is picked up, the sooner a child can begin behavioural treatment, especially during the critical preschool years.

Early therapies for autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that starts to become apparent in early childhood. Typically, it’s diagnosed by certain

I think my child is depressed

Lots of parents become concerned at various times that their child is depressed. Depression in kids, as it is in

Environment, not genetics, to blame for tooth decay

What’s a typical trip to the dentist like for you? Some lucky folks get a check-up, a clean and they’re

Team sports and depression in young people

Weekends spent playing team sports – especially soccer, netball and cricket in Australia – are a common experience of childhood.

How school policies can prevent obesity

Overweight and obesity in children are worrying health concerns. One way that public health programs can help address this is

Threadworms (pinworms)

What are threadworms? Threadworms are tiny, very thin white worms up to 13 millimetres long that live in the intestine

Should we be concerned around kids and screen time?

Read the headlines, and you’ll see plenty of hand-wringing about screen time – that we’re too engrossed with our smartphones

Can a high BMI as a baby affect you as a teen?

Children who had a high body mass index (BMI) before they were two years old had poorer outcomes when they

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