Heart & Stroke

Hypoxia and Home Oxygen Therapy

What is hypoxia? Hypoxia is a condition that results from not enough oxygen supply to tissues in the body. This

What Is Cholesterol? Dr. Norman Swan

A blood test will let you know if you have cholesterol imbalance or not. After that speak to you doctor

How do I find out if I have a blockage in my heart?

So, the only way to know that you don’t have a blockage in the blood vessels to the heart, for

Who gets low blood pressure? Prof David Celermjer

[jwplayer fBKsMmvH] So, some people get low blood pressure because they were born that way, in the same way that

What is angina? A brief video by Prof. David Celermajer

[jwplayer 1kIUWOiZ] Angina is not a sudden onset condition. It’s a more chronic condition where someone gets chest pain when

What does a heart blockage feel like?

[jwplayer mKuQ22BZ] So, a heart blockage isn’t actually a blockage of the heart, it’s a blockage of the blood vessels

Should I take fish oil? Dr David Celermajer answers

[jwplayer K8jTFWAn] So fish oil can have some benefits in very specific situations. Fish oil is a slight blood thinner,

What is adult congenital heart disease?

[jwplayer 5dpCJmMn] So, adult congenital heart disease is when someone who is born with a heart problem, that’s what the

What are the tests for heart disease?

So, there are many tests for heart disease, and it’s a question of horses for courses, the right test for

What problems does angina cause?

[jwplayer btmq1MRu ] So angina causes two kinds of problem. One is symptoms that stop people from exercising, which can

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