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Exercise Sun Safety and Protect your Skin!

Anytime we are out in the sun without adequate protection we are putting ourselves at risk of sun burn. We

What Are Some Effective Treatments for Lower Back Pain? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

Lower back pain is almost so common that it’s part of human existence. Most people will have lower back pain

What is Multidisciplinary Pain Management? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

For acute pain, we’ve got a simple problem that goes away quite quickly. Most bodies don’t need much in order

What are some Complementary Therapies for Pain? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

We have very few quick fixes for chronic pain, not many of the medications that we use provide instantaneous relief.

How to manage blood glucose using the Glycemic Index of foods

Your blood sugar rises and fall throughout the day, playing a big role in how energised we feel.  One of

Happy-go-lucky optimists may have better heart health

Mindset seems to influence health outcomes and if someone’s optimistic, they’re more likely to have a healthy heart. Are you

Healthy gums may lead to a healthy heart

More evidence that severe gum disease, or periodontitis, may be linked to high blood pressure. While high blood pressure is

Will a sugar-tax decrease our sugar consumption?

Traffic light labelling, healthier drinks in the home and price increases all decreased the consumption of sugary drinks. There’s been

Are dog owners more physically active?

People who owned a dog were much more likely to fulfil physical activity guidelines, compared with people who didn’t. Public

Will dietary supplements increase your longevity?

Dietary supplements are big business with many Australians taking vitamins, minerals or other types of nutritional supplements daily. There are

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