Divine Flow

Video: Sun salutations

Kickstart your workday with yoga – sun salutations. A series of poses aimed to flow in unison with breath. Commonly

Video: Wide-legged forward fold

After a day of being deskbound your most common areas of tightness are your hamstrings, lower back, shoulders and neck.

Video: Eagle arms

Our shoulders need regular maintenance to release them from stiffness. Off-set the hunched over effect by opening up the shoulders

Video: Back bend

Counteract the effects on the spine of long periods sitting down. Perhaps you have fallen into the easy tendency of

Video: Neck stretch

It is common to hold most of our tension across the shoulders into the neck. Particularly if your neck is

Video: Mountain pose (Tadasana)

Surprisingly to some, mountain pose is an active pose that helps to increase posture, balance and focus. An opportunity to

Video: Boat pose

Video transcript When you hear the word core you typically imagine strong, hard and toned muscles. The core consists of muscles

Video: Happy baby

A great way to bring awareness into your hip joints and neutralize the spine. Commonly seen towards the end of

Video: Bridge pose

Bridge pose with a block is a great exercise for your pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor consists of layers of muscles

Video: Downward dog

Well known for its overall body stretch and energising qualities this pose is included in most yoga classes. It deeply

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