Coronavirus – COVID-19

What Are the Known Counter Interactions of this Vaccine?

There are very few known countra indications to the Covid-19 Vaccines. It is important for all people to discuss any

How do You Think the Pandemic Will Change Consumer Behaviour?

Since Covid 19, Australians have preferred to shop online and move away from cities and high density populated areas. Consumer

How Long Will the Vaccine Last?

We will all need to to get booster shots to make sure we are protected against the emerging Corona Virus

What Are The Different Strains of Covid 19?

[jwplayer 49SojQ59] The COVID- 19 virus also called SARS-CoV-2 has evolved since it appeared in China. To explain what goes

What Percentage of People are Asymptomatic?

[jwplayer Fg9SsY8Z] It’s not really known what percentage of people are asymptomatic with COVID 19, but it is significant. And

How Important is Mask Hygiene? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer kHu7x78h] Mask hygiene is important. If you’re wearing a surgical mask that you’ve bought at the chemist, you’ve got

Will People be Tested for Antibodies Post-Vaccination?

[jwplayer 1CIrqcRw] After you’ve had the immunisation there will be no testing of antibodies. Many people ask that question as

Can The Covid-19 Virus Mutate? Dr Norman Swan

It’s possible that the COVID-19 virus will mutate around the vaccine, not deliberately, but there is mutating all the time,

What Percentage of Sydney Do You Think Have Covid-19?

COVID 19 has probably been underdiagnosed by a factor of around three in Australia. But even allowing for the fact

How Will I Know I am Protected After I Have the Vaccine?

[jwplayer j2nT4rd8] It’s a very good question, to know whether or not you’re infected after you’ve had the vaccine. And

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