Coronavirus – COVID-19

Will We Need The Covid-19 Vaccine Yearly? Dr Norman Swan

How long the vaccine will last, is unknown at the moment. You think they would know, but they don’t know.

What Are the Vaccines being used in Australia? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer KVLCsB5o] The easiest way to describe the vaccines are in groups. So if you look at the Pfizer vaccine,

When Will The Vaccines Roll Out? Dr Norman Swan

The government has said that the vaccine will start to roll out in March of 2021. This sounds like, well

Is Covid Seasonal? Dr Norman Swan

[jwplayer CVD4y6ds] There was a great debate when COVID-19 started as to whether or not this would be seasonal like

Looking Back What Did We Do Well? Dr Norman Swan

Looking back What Australia did right was lockdown properly. We did it right in the first wave so that we

What is video telehealth?

‘Universal whole-of population telehealth … will now be permanent,’ Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt confirmed on November 27th, 2020. Now

Should I get pregnant during the COVID era?

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist There’s more and more evidence coming out about whether or not there are real

Are Victoria’s numbers really going down as much as we think?

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist At the time of recording this, Victoria’s numbers are dropping quite considerably. So the

Are gyms the weakest link in NSW? COVID-19

Are gyms the weakest link in the spread of COVID-19? Gyms are not necessarily the weakest link. They’re one of

Which healthcare workers are most at risk of COVID-19?

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist The highest risk group is aged care workers. So aged care workers have around

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