Coronavirus – COVID-19

Is there medication for coronavirus?

There’s no treatment unfortunately for COVID-19. They are testing various treatments. There is no evidence that the anti-flu treatments make

What would happen if I was told to self-isolate?

Transcript There’s confusion of terms here between self-isolation and quarantine. If you’ve come into contact with someone with COVID-19 you’re

Does quarantine work?

Transcript Quarantine is the only thing that works here at the moment. There’s no treatment; there’s no vaccine. So the

Are kids immune to coronavirus?

Transcript Children are not immune to coronavirus. Kids get a lot of coronaviruses because the common cold is often caused

Why is washing hands so important?

Transcript Washing your hands is the most critically important thing you can do to protect yourself against COVID-19 and that

What should I do to prepare for coronavirus isolation?

Transcript How to prepare yourself for COVID-19 and isolation and so on is a difficult question. If you’ve got chronic

Can dogs get COVID-19?

Transcript The answer is that dogs can get COVID-19 – well they can get the virus SARS-CoV-2. Do they get

Is my newborn safe?

Transcript If you’ve got a newborn, the evidence is that you don’t need to be worried at all really. So,

Can I get coronavirus twice?

Transcript Whether or not you can get the virus twice is a live question at the moment. There is a

How do I get tested for coronavirus?

Transcript How to get tested is a moving feast and again as I speak to you at the moment GPs

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