Coronavirus Vaccination

Should I take Pfizer or Moderna for COVID-19?

Pfizer or Moderna? A lot of people are asking questions about the differences between the Moderna vaccine and the Pfizer

Do Alternative Cures to Covid-19 Exist? – Dr. Norman Swan

There are no alternative cures for Covid-19 and it’s variants. People who are un-vaccinated or anti-vax are burdening the healthcare

Infected by Unvaccinated Relatives – Dr. Norman Swan

Those who are fully vexed with two doses and a booster jab are far less likely to get infected than

Consent For a Childs Vaccination – Dr. Norman Swan

In general, in most jurisdictions in Australia, you only need one parent or guardian to give consent for a child

How important are COVID-19 vaccine boosters

To provide even greater protection against COVID-19, Australians aged 18 and over who received their second dose at least six

Do Covid Vaccines Prevent Infections? Dr. Norman Swan

All three Covid-19 vaccines available in Australia at the moment are equally effective at preventing hospitalisation, ICU admissions, and death.

Vaccines for Kids – Dr. Norman Swan

Both Moderna and Pfizer are currently running trials for vaccines for kids under 12. For ages 12-15 both Moderner and

Which is The Most Effective Covid-19 Vaccine? Dr. Norman Swan

All the Covid-19 vaccines available in Australia are effective. They will protect you from getting infected and becoming seriously ill.

Vaccination for Children – Dr. Norman Swan

Discussions around the immunisation of children under 12 suggest this may not happen till March 2022. It’s not at all

What is the Moderna Vaccine – Dr. Norman Swan

The Moderna vaccine is very similar to the Pfizer vaccine. They have provide similar protection against Covid-19 and recovery from

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