Coronavirus Prevention

What Are the Known Side Effects of This Vaccine?

After tens of thousands of clinical trials there are no serious side affects noted from the Covid -19 vaccination. The

Do You Think The Go Hard Go Early Approach We’re Seeing is an Effective Strategy?

Our early approach of going early and going hard has yielded great benefit for Australia, and the other handful of

Are the Other People that Live in the Same House as These Hotel Quarantine Staff also first to be Vaccinated?

The primary focus on early vaccine roll out are Hotel quarantine workers, the hope is they will be less likely

What Risks Are Individuals Taking by Not Being Vaccinated?

Age is a large contributor to your need to vaccinate against Covid-19. Older people are far more susceptible to hospitalisations

What Are Your Travel Predictions for 2021? Where Will We be Able to Travel To?

The key to free domestic travel and creating travel bubbles with overseas countries is mass immunisation against the virus. The

What Are the Known Counter Interactions of this Vaccine?

There are very few known countra indications to the Covid-19 Vaccines. It is important for all people to discuss any

How Long Will the Vaccine Last?

We will all need to to get booster shots to make sure we are protected against the emerging Corona Virus

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