Babies & Pregnancy

Rhesus-negative blood and pregnancy

If you have rhesus negative (RhD-) blood and are pregnant, your fetus may be at risk of health problems caused

Is there treatment for postnatal depression?

The spectrum of postnatal depression Postnatal depression, like all forms of depression, has a spectrum from mild to severe. At

Does sleeping on your back increase chance of low birth weight?

Have you heard that sleeping on your side during the third trimester of pregnancy is important? Sleeping on your back

Why are some babies harder to settle and sleep?

Many new mothers will have difficulty settling their newborn to sleep, but for some the problems become so severe that

Antenatal care in Aboriginal communities

What is antenatal and postnatal care? Antenatal care is about getting care and support from your health care workers while

Early childhood – Aboriginal families

Early Childhood – Aboriginal Families The first five years of your child’s life make a big difference to the rest

Falling pregnant again after still birth

Waiting a short time to conceive again after a stillbirth isn’t harmful for mother or baby, a new analysis finds.

Is there a link between caesareans and autism?

Caesarean births have been increasing all over the world – particularly elective caesareans. Around the world, the rate of caesareans

Could I pass coronavirus to my baby by breastfeeding?

Transcript Once you’ve had your baby, there’s no evidence that the coronavirus, the SARS-CoV-2, is passed in your breast milk.

What happens if I’m in self-isolation and I have to give birth?

Transcript This is a really good question. If you’re in self-isolation and you have to give birth. So in other

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