Babies & Pregnancy

Morning sickness

Many women experience nausea (and sometimes vomiting) in early pregnancy. While this is called morning sickness, the symptoms can actually

Engorgement and mastitis

Engorgement and mastitis are complications associated with breast feeding. Mastitis associated with breast feeding is also called lactational mastitis. Breast

Pregnant women eating too much meat and dairy

Most pregnant women are failing to achieve basic nutritional recommendations because they eat too much meat and dairy and not

Circumcision by Australian GPs not cutting it

GPs are performing most circumcisions in Australia but aren’t offering adequate anaesthesia, a medical ethicist and paediatric registrar says. Dr

Spina bifida occulta

Introduction This booklet aims to answer many of the questions that people have when they find out that they or

Miscarriage: overview

A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, the loss of

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Sudden infant death syndrome (also known as SIDS or ‘cot death’) is the sudden and expected death of a baby

Spermicide: How to use, risks and results

What are spermicides? Spermicides are a form of chemical contraception that work by killing or stopping sperm on contact, thus

Baby’s development in the womb

The development of your baby in the womb is a wonderful process. We have compiled a month-by-month timescale of pregnancy.

Pregnant women not exercising enough

Pregnant women are not doing enough exercise and should be encouraged to focus on their physical fitness, according to new

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