Reversing Lung Damage – Dr. Norman Swan

By quitting smoking you stop damaging your lungs. With a combination of exercise, medications and positive lifestyle choices you could

How Do I Quit Smoking? Dr. Norman Swan

By calling Quit Line, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to give up smoking quickly. Hello, it’s Norman Swan

Why is ICE so Problematic?

ICE is a particularly nasty drug with a bad reputation. People in regional areas a more prone to it being

Pain Management and Addictions – Medication Safety – Dr. Jennifer Stevens

The focus point of chronic pain clinics and one of the focus points for education of health professionals is around

Is cannabis abuse harmful?

There are several long-term effects of cannabis abuse. Risk of mental illness The first and arguably the most concerning is

Supporting someone with addiction

Supporting someone with addiction, from the treatment of their addiction through to rehab is incredibly challenging. Why is it so

What is an addictive personality? A brief video.

What exactly is addictive personality disorder? The concept of addictive personality is something that is talked about, bandied around, used

Why is quitting smoking so hard?

Quitting smoking is difficult. Cigarettes contain nicotine, nicotine is highly addictive, and that is what makes it, at a biological

Can you reverse fatty liver disease?

There are various causes of a fatty liver. A fatty liver is what it says it is, it’s fat in

Video game addiction can be treated with psychotherapy

Whether addiction to videogames represents a real disorder is still under debate, but it is recognised in the World Health

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