Should I stop chemotherapy or other treatments?

little girl in hospital


The answer is absolutely not. If you’re on drugs which cause immunosuppression, there’s a very good reason you’re on it. You could have autoimmune disease and you need to suppress it because of that. You could have cancer, you could have an organ transplant and so on.

There are very good reasons why you are immunosuppressed, and you’ll get into far more strife by stopping that immunosuppression than the risk of COVID-19.

And so with COVID-19 you need to take advice from your specialist, but it is about prudent measures, hand washing, being super careful, super obsessive, and really be more obsessive than other people would be normally, and probably not going out into crowded places while this is going on. So you start to be relatively isolated, I think, but nobody really is sure of the right thing to do, that’s the general advice, but you’ve got to talk to your specialist about that.


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