Paediatricians have agreed that allergenic foods should be introduced as early as 4 months, ending years of conflicting advice about a timeline.

Allergists, paediatricians and lactation experts recently reached an agreement that will now be translated into new guidelines.

Here are 5 key points:

  • Solid foods should be introduced from 4-6 months;
  • These should include peanut butter, cooked egg, dairy and wheat products;
  • The advice applies to all babies, including those at high risk of allergy;
  • It's based on research showing that early exposure may reduce the risk of eczema and food allergies; and
  • Women are advised against using “hypoallergenic” hydrolysed formulas to prevent allergy because there's no consistent evidence that they have a protective effect.

Last Reviewed: 25/05/2016

Reproduced with kind permission from Medical Observer.


Murdoch Childrens Research Institute statement