Rada Rouse

reptile food and asthma

Pet reptile food – a cause of allergy

Pet reptiles spawn a new allergy risk, researchers warn, as the grasshoppers used to feed reptiles can trigger asthma and allergies.

Circumcision by Australian GPs not cutting it

Circumcisions carried out by GPs in Australia are not following best practice (dorsal penile nerve block plus topic anaesthetic) and anaesthesia is not adequate to ensure avoidance of pain.

New Borrelia bacteria species found in echidna ticks

Australian researchers have identified a novel species of Borrelia, the group of bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, in ticks on echidnas. Its potential to cause disease in humans is unknown.

7 Worrying facts about ice use in Australia

Nearly 7 per cent of Australians have tried ice, and 2.5% are currently using it,  according to a worrying nationwide survey of 1053 Australians just published.

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