Common cold treatments

Nothing will cure a cold, but there are treatments that can help. Rest, fluids, home remedies and medicines can relieve common cold symptoms and should have you feeling better within a few days.

Respiratory Health

Otitis media in children

Otitis media (middle ear infection) is a common childhood illness causing earache and fever. It usually gets better quickly with pain relievers but sometimes antibiotics are needed.

Kids' & Teens' Health


Skin of any colour can be damaged by the sun. Sunburn occurs more slowly than other types of burns. Physical sunscreens are usually a better choice for people who have had allergic reactions to chemical sunscreens.

Skin & Hair

Contraception: diaphragms

A diaphragm - a soft circular silicone dome that a woman inserts into her vagina - is a barrier method of contraception. Diaphragms work by covering the opening to the uterus and stopping sperm from entering. 

Babies & Pregnancy


Learn about the anaesthetic procedure often used in childbirth, known as an epidural.