Conjunctivitis: self-care

A major cause of eye problems is allergic, bacterial or viral conjunctivitis (inflammation of the 'wet' surfaces of the eye). Find out what products are available for conjunctivitis.

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Sore throat: self-care

A sore throat makes swallowing difficult and painful. Sore throat is common because it is associated with the common cold. Find out what products are available for sore throat.

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Contraception - barrier methods

Barrier methods of contraception stop a man's sperm from reaching a woman's egg, and include condoms, diaphragms and caps. Find out what products are available for barrier contraception.

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Bites and stings: self-care

Bites and stings can cause mild irritation or serious reactions, such as anaphylaxis. Most insect bites and stings are not serious. Find out what products are available for bites and stings.


Baby feeding

Breastfeeding is best for baby feeding. Breast milk is easily digested, economical, safe and the right temperature. Find out what products are available for baby feeding.

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Period pain: self-care

Period pain can be caused by prostaglandins, produced by the uterus, leading to cramping pain in your lower abdomen and stomach. Find out what products are available for period pain.

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Muscle aches and pains

General muscular aches and pains are often caused by unaccustomed use or overuse of muscles. Find out what products are available for muscle aches and pains.

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A blister is a lump filled with fluid that appears when the skin's outer layer is injured. Find out the common causes and what to do when you have a blister.

Skin & Hair

Acne overview

Acne, a condition in which your skin gets greasy, its pores get blocked and you get blackheads, pimples or cysts, usually gets better over time but can be treated with various medicines.

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Acne treatments

There are a number of acne medications available through your doctor or pharmacist that can help treat and prevent acne.

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Constipation in children

When children are constipated, they have stools that are hard, dry and difficult (or painful) to pass. Constipation in kids is usually behavioural and caused by their decision to delay going to the toilet. 

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