Because the drainage holes from the sinuses are narrow, they block up easily. So any excess mucus production can cause a blockage, and pressure builds up in the sinuses.

Respiratory Health Symptoms

Pain and how you sense it

We feel the sensation of pain when pain receptors send electrical signals along nerves to the spinal cord and brain.


Video: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Video: Sadly, 84 Australians die of bowel cancer each week. However, if caught early 9 out of 10 bowel cancers can be successfully treated. Watch this video to find out more about bowel cancer and hear from Anton Enus how bowel cancer screening allowed his cancer to be detected.

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Health checks women should have

Health checks are an important part of keeping healthy and preventing disease. Find out about the health checks, screening tests and examinations that women should have and when to have them.

Women's Health

Haemorrhoids treatments

Preventing constipation is the best way to avoid existing haemorrhoids becoming irritated and new ones forming. Avoid excessive straining and sitting on the toilet for any longer than a few minutes.

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Video: Food allergy and anaphylaxis

A food allergy is when the body reacts to a protein it thinks is harmful and starts to protect itself. Some of the signs and symptoms are associated with the skin, the gastrointestinal tract, breathing, the heart and blood pressure.

Food Allergy Symptoms

Food allergy

A food allergy is an immune response triggered by eating specific foods that cause certain well known symptoms to develop.

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Best ways to quit smoking

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day. myDr brings you this video to help you find the best way to commit to quitting smoking today. Remember, the most important part of quitting is to actually try.

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