Eardrum perforation

Eardrum perforation can be caused by infection, a blow to the ear, injury from an object inserted in the ear, or exposure to a sudden loud noise.

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Astigmatism is type of refractive error where the front surface of the eye (the cornea) or the lens inside the eye has an irregular curvature which causes the vision to be distorted and blurred.

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Stress affects different people in different ways - your attitude and personality play a big part in how it affects you, and how you cope with it.

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By being aware of the signs of bullying and knowing the best ways to tackle the problem, you can help your child deal with bullying before it gets out of hand.

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Alcohol: drinking problems

Worried about the harm from excessive drinking? Read about the health and psychological problems that can result from alcohol misuse on


Liver biopsy

Find out what is involved when you have a liver biopsy, in which a small piece of liver tissue is removed to help doctors detect liver abnormalities.

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Bronchiolitis is a viral chest infection that affects mainly babies under a year old and may cause breathing difficulties, wheeze and a cough.

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View our illustrations of the human skeleton to see the bones and joints of the body.


Temporomandibular joint disorders

Problems with the temporomandibular joint and the muscles that control jaw movement are known as TMJ disorders. They commonly cause a dull, aching pain in the jaw, as well as a clicking or locking jaw.



Chilblains develop over the course of a few hours, and the affected area may be itchy, swollen and reddish-blue in colour.

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