Be Medicinewise Week

This week it's Be Medicinewise Week. It's important for all Australians to know what medicines they are taking and to understand how to take them safely. Find out everything you need to know about your medicines.

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Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin. The infection can spread quickly and become very dangerous and so cellulitis requires treatment with antibiotics.

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Sleep Awareness Week

Sleep is considered one of the 3 pillars of health, and lack of sleep can be dangerous to your health. So get some tips on how to sleep well and stay healthy during Sleep Awareness Week.

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Organ donation

Organ and tissue donation saves the lives of hundreds of Australians every year. Find out who can donate organs and how to register your decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register

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Video: How to remove earwax

Earwax protects the ear from dust, dirt, hair and skin irritation, and lowers the risk of infection. But sometimes this wax builds up in the ear and blocks the ear canal. Find out how to deal with earwax safely.

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Muscle workout: forearm

Forearm muscles are found between the elbow joint and the wrist on the anterior (front) of your forearm. They are made up of muscles that perform flexion at the wrist and fingers that in turn help us to type, write and paint.

Muscle workouts

Muscle workout: trapezius

The trapezius muscles are needed to raise your arms and they support your shoulders. Trapezius muscles are flat triangle-shaped muscles that extend from your neck across your left and right shoulder blades, down your spine to the middle of your back.

Muscle workouts

Pain Awareness Week

One in 5 Australians has chronic pain. It's a debilitating condition that's often poorly understood. This week is Pain Awareness Week. Visit our Pain Centre to find out more.

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Muscle workout: triceps

Your triceps are the large muscle on the back of your upper arm and are responsible for the straightening of your arm. Here are two easy exercises to tone up your triceps and stabilise the extension of your elbows. You will need one dumbbell.

Muscle workouts

Muscle workout - abdominals

The abdominal muscles, also known as core muscles, are located between the ribs and the pelvis at the front of your body. Strong core muscles support your trunk and make it easier to do physical activities.

Muscle workouts

Muscle workout: thigh adductors

The fan-like thigh adductor muscles are located in the upper thigh. These muscles pull your legs together when they contract and help stabilise the hip joint and attach the pelvis to the thigh bone (femur).

Muscle workouts

Muscle workout: back

Strengthening your back muscles is important as these muscles enable you to stand up straight, they support and protect your spine and help to reach, pull and extend your arms and torso.

Muscle workouts

Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroids (steroids) are medicines that can be used to treat inflammation. Depending on the condition that is being treated, steroid injections can provide pain relief for several weeks to many months.


Muscle workout: calves

Calf muscles are located in the back of your leg, just below your knee and stabilise your ankles and feet. Doing calf muscle exercises can provide a more stable foundation for your ankles and can help prevent ankle rolling.

Muscle workouts

Muscle workout: biceps

Biceps are found on the front of the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. Bicep muscles are essentially used in lifting and pulling movements and help bend the forearm towards the upper arm as well as turning the palm forward or upward.

Muscle workouts

Muscle workout: deltoids

The deltoid muscle is the rounded, triangular shaped muscle on the top of the shoulders. The deltoids are responsible for lifting the arm and helping the shoulder to move.

Muscle workouts

Video: Sugar cravings

Our consumption of free sugar has tripled since 1960, with soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice and cordial the most significant sources. The World Health Organization recommends free sugars be less than 10% of your total energy intake - that's 6 teaspoons per day for women and 9 teaspoons for men.

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