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Accidental poisoning

Children’s curiosity can lead to danger, such as unintentional poisoning.

Motor neurone disease

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a progressive neurological disorder which usually strikes people in middle and later life.

Simple rules for child-rearing

10 useful rules to bringing up children.

Voice changes

Voice changes can happen with a number of minor illnesses, but sometimes a change in the voice can be a sign of a more serious problem.

Adolescents: advice for parents

Adolescence is often a difficult time for parent and child. Get some tips on parenting adolescents.


Thrush is an infection with a yeast (fungus) Candida albicans, typically in the vagina or mouth.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises

Find out about the causes and symptoms of a weak pelvic floor, and how performing pelvic floor muscle exercises can help.


Find out more about eyelid problems, including entropion and ectropion, which are quite common in older people.


Few of us will get through life without having the intensely painful experience known as grief. Grief is a very complex process, which produces a wide range of differing emotions.

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Hepatitis: an overview

Hepatitis can cause permanent and life-threatening damage to the liver. Hepatitis A, B and C are caused by viruses.

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